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How We Do It

enigmaFIT has developed a proprietary TRACR Methodology to help leaders rapidly develop their Fluid Intelligence Thinking [FIT]. Executives engage in gamified, personalized exercises that incorporate short, powerful bursts of training, and can apply the lessons instantly to achieve massive increases in productivity in just 90 days.

Step 1: Test

enigmaFIT's proprietary testing requires just 40 minutes to create a benchmark of an executive's Ten Dimensions of Fluid Intelligence™. In person or online, 1:1 or taken as a team, leaders take a non-verbal test that examines their strengths and interferences at work. enigmaFIT also collects participants’ personal and professional goals for growth and the challenges to their success.

Step 2: Report

enigmaFIT delivers a customized FIT Report, highlighting each executive’s critical areas for growth and their individual FITScore


enigmaFIT assembles an anonymized or group Team Heatmap of the overall group strengths and obstacles so that leaders can identify areas in need of growth. This FIT Report serves as a benchmark for each leader to determine the efficacy of their individual or group progress at the end of the program.


Step 3: Act

Using the Report, enigmaFIT establishes a personalized Executive or Team Development Plan. This is a tailored program of activities designed to transform and develop the brain and ensure each participant’s rapid advancement through the program. The Team Development Plan offers specific plans for each member and the team as a whole, acting as a catalyst for exponential shifts in a department.

Executives follow their unique Development Plan challenging FIT drills and meet with their Executive Brain Coaches weekly to review their progress and remain accountable to their goals. enigmaFIT works with each organization to determine meeting cycles, in person vs. remote coaching and hosts workshops for groups, talent executives and larger teams as well.

Step 4: Change

As part of the accountability requirement, participants capture in writing or video, the tangible and intangible results from the program along the way. Participants highlight their improved productivity, efficiency, communications, decision-making abilities to track their progress and increase their motivation to continue.

Step 5: Retest

At the end of the FIT Program, leaders are re-tested on all ten cognitive dimensions and results are compared with the initial test. The final FIT Report shows graphically and in writing, the seismic changes to the brain’s cognition in categories including adaptability, agility, and flexibility their final FITScore. Their Executive Brain Coach reviews their personal goals and highlights ongoing opportunities for development and supercharged growth.