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Talent Management Strategies – are underpinned by developing an Executives Adaptive Expertise have resulted in the following client comments:

  • “I used to take a reactive, ad hoc approach to planning, but I am now much more strategic, proactive and ahead of the curve.”

  • “I have done a lot of programs, especially in the Women in Leadership space – they have a lot of similarity. The Adaptive Expertise Program is different in terms of helping me get things done more efficiently and effectively, and in having increased my self-awareness."

  • "I am conscious of being more present for all areas of my businesses – my ability to focus and to focus on what’s important has increased."

  • "I delegate better and co-sharing of responsibility and accountability is being welcomed by my team members; they are more engaged and involved."

  • "Before the Adaptive Expertise Program, I needed to have better articulation around how I explained projects. I was confusing people as I couldn’t put the strategies into pictures.”

  • "I can grasp key points more quickly and my understanding of situations has improved."

  • "Now that I have this new approach to managing myself and my business environment, there is no way I can go back to the old habits."

  • "I cannot emphasize enough how valuable this is/was and it’s only the start of the Adaptive Expertise Program and what these guys can do - really stimulating, incredible analysis of one’s brain and approach to leadership, management, and business."

  • "I now have three dimensional technical discussions whereas I have always been one dimensional. It happened one day in a meeting and I couldn’t believe it!"

  • "Since the Adaptive Expertise Program, curiosity is second nature to me. I am more enquiring, I seek others views AND I challenge others’ perspectives when appropriate. As a result, I have a fuller picture before I take a course of action."

  • "I cannot recommend this enough to our executives - must-do. Thanks for including me, already I’m looking at my behaviour differently this morning!"

  • "An external consultant, who I have worked with for many years, made a comment about how he now has a greater clarity about what we want him to do."

  • "I used to make judgment calls on what I know –– now I am less quick to judge and I make more demands of my managers to explore different ways of doing things."

  • "Now when I present things for sign off, most of the work to obtain the signoff is already done.”

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