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Take the Guesswork out of Talent Identification and
Develop Leaders’ Adaptive Expertise

By objectively and quantifiably testing and identifying the High Potential Talent as opposed to today’s High Performers. Accelerate the development of the High Potentials Adaptive Expertise to manage rapid change, complexity and ambiguity in the business world.

Our approach is to enable your Talent to ‘Think Differently’, ‘Act Differently (Repeatedly)’ and ‘Develop New Behavioral Brain Habits’ resulting in a transformational approach to managing Talent and developing Adaptive Expertise.



The Current Performance of an executive is based on their ‘Routine Expertise’ which is underpinned by their domain knowledge or their Crystallized Intelligence. However, just relying on ‘Routine Expertise’ has a hidden downside as Routine Experts tend to overly rely on their past experience when solving problems. In addition, Routine Experts can often fail to identify that the context is considerably different when solving a problem to what they have experienced in the past – this can be catastrophic in a VUCA business environment.

By contrast, the Future Potential of an executive is based on their ‘Adaptive Expertise’ that is underpinned by their Fluid Intelligence ‘the ability to think and reason abstractly and solve problems, particularly new/novel problems’ CHC Theory of human cognitive abilities.

So in order to significantly improve the accuracy of identifying High Potentials, and their potential to undertake larger and more complex executive roles, it is necessary to focus on their inherent Adaptive Expertise, and not just their Routine Expertise.

Talent Management Solution:

To take the ‘guesswork’ out of accurately assessing an executive’s Potential, enigmaFIT actually tests (i.e. right or wrong answers) the Fluid Intelligence of Talent Candidates. In this way we can provide an objective measure of their Adaptive Expertise covering the following areas:

  • their Adaptability (inherent openness to change)
  • their Cognitive Agilities (speed and capability to change), e.g.
    • Strategic Agility,
    • Innovation Agility,
    • Mental Agility,
    • Learning Agility,
    • Focus Agility,
    • People Agility, etc.
Accelerating the Development of High Potentials’ Adaptive Expertise

Because we have an accurate and comprehensive construct of Adaptive Expertise and Fluid Intelligence, we are able to readily tailor and accelerate the development of ‘High Potentials’ and Senior Executives Adaptive Expertise. This supports them to be better equipped to deal with more complex and diverse roles in a VUCA environment, whilst also enabling them to more quickly reach the desired capability.

Our unique Fluid Intelligence Profile Test and Adaptive Expertise Development Programs can accurately identify High Potentials and accelerate the development of their Adaptive Expertise. The outcomes for an organization is a much higher ROI on their Talent Management Strategy and Talent Programs, achieved in a much shorter period of time, and provides a much clearer Succession Plan for the organization.

Strategy without execution is a daydream
Execution without strategy is a nightmare
Either without Talent simply doesn’t exist.

Source: Adapted from a Japanese Proverb

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