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Phillip Campbell discusses – What is Leadership

Today’s executives must be able to rapidly flex their brain muscle in a world of flux. It’s virtually impossible for leaders to get the same quick and efficient thinking they had in the past. Leaders don’t just need to keep up with the rapidly changing business environment; they need to get ahead of it. Only then can leaders and their organizations take full advantage of future opportunities, and effectively mitigate the risks.

Therefore, Leadership today needs 7 Strategies for Success to be truly Future Ready –

Decisive: increase your speed and quality of thinking. Decisive leaders are 12 times more likely to be high-performing CEOs.

Effective: Leaders with high Fluid Thinking abilities (cognitive capacity and function) have a closer connection between neurons. That means you can reach better conclusions faster.

Efficient: With closer neuron connections, the brain automatically organizes itself to use less brain power, so you can move on to the next task more quickly and save time.

Agile: Unlocking your Fluid Thinking skill-set lets you learn how to pivot easily and quickly in these turbulent times; a skill that CEOs rank as crucial for al leaders.

Strategic: Relying on your business acumen and past experience is no longer enough and your brain last received an upgrade 10,000 years ago. So, it’s now time for a Brain Hardware Upgrade to improve your ability to process and organize complex facts, be more innovative and strategic, and create a path forward for your organization and team.

Delegate: Communicating your strategic path forward and delegating more effectively so your team can execute faster, without micromanaging and rework is a skill which can be learnt.

Quick Thinking: When your brain is organized, efficient and nimble, you’ll instantly connect thoughts and observations, not after a meeting has concluded.


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