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Adaptive Expertise: “Future – The unrecognised decision that saved Apollo 13”

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Adaptive Expertise

“The explosion on board Apollo 13 marked the start of one of the greatest rescue missions in human exploration…

But… all the other fatal factors would remain, too little electric power, no fuel cell-produced oxygen to breathe, no power for the guidance system, or the thrusters,” says Woodfill.”
Excerpt: William Park is BBC Future’s Social Media Producer.

The Apollo 13 ground team and flight crew needed to use their ‘Adaptive Expertise’ (which is underpinned by Fluid Intelligence) to solve a totally new problem in ‘uncharted waters’. Relying on just their ‘Routine Expertise’ based on their past history and Crystallized Intelligence would have made it extremely unlikely to come up with a solution to save the crew.

enigmaFIT Talent Management Consulting takes a Transformational/Adaptive Expertise Approach to Talent Management Strategy

enigmaFIT and its sister companies have over 25 years corporate experience with Multi National and Australian organizations in transforming an organizations’ and individuals’ performance through optimizing behavioral change and Talent Development Programs.

We have provided the Adaptive Expertise Programs to Board Members, C-Suite/Senior Executives, High Potentials and Emerging Talent from organizations such as General Electric, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Scentre Group/Westfield, MasterCard, Qantas, Hanson Construction, Commonwealth Bank, Stockland, ANZ Bank

Our Fluid Intelligence Profile Test and Adaptive Expertise Program Objectives:

To enable you to ‘Think Differently’, ‘Act Differently (Repeatedly)’ and ‘Develop New Behavioral Brain Habits’ which underpin Adaptive Expertise capability.

The Payoff of this Approach to you and your Organization is:

  • Succeed More
  • Fail Fast, Learn Faster and Adapt Quicker
  • Pivot Quicker
  • Enabling Greater Accountability
  • Even Greater Innovation

Our focus is to develop lasting behavioral change in an Executive by enhancing their Fluid Intelligence Tools so that the quality, ease and speed with which they undertake leadership skills and activities are considerable enhanced. Fluid Intelligence Tools are subconscious brain functions that underpin the way we process information, think, learn and behave.

Our Fluid Intelligence approach is a unique process to objectively test and quantifiably identifying Talent Candidates who have the Adaptability and Cognitive Agilities which underpin their ability to quickly adjust and adapt to rapid change, complexity and ambiguity in the game changing VUCA business world.

Another reason why our Adaptive Expertise Approach to managing Talent Management Strategies with Fluid Intelligence is paramount:
“Never before has the human brain needed to continually and rapidly adapt to change as:
… from the dawn of modern civilisation to 2003, approx. 5,000 years, human activity generated around five exabytes (that is five billion gigabytes) of information.
… Between 2003 and 2010 the same amount of information was generated every two days.
… By 2013 it was generated every ten minutes.”

Source: Michal Shermer: ‘Philosophy: What we don’t know’ published in Nature 484, 446-447 (26 April 2012)

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