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Talent Management Strategy

Understanding your journey, goals and future objectives is our highest priority


Talent Management Strategy

40 minute objective test of an executive’s ‘Fluid Intelligence’ taking the guesswork out of ‘Potential’ Identification


Talent Management Strategy

A personalized Fluid Intelligence Report that quantifies an executive’s inherent Adaptability and Cognitive Agilities


Talent Management Strategy

A tailored Adaptive Expertise Program to accelerate the development of an executive’s Adaptability and Cognitive Agilities


Talent Management Strategy

Creating agile, highly adaptive leaders for a rapidly changing corporate environment and optimizing succession planning

Talent Management Consultants


By understanding and assisting in the development of your Talent Management Strategy, we can collaborate and tailor the enigmaFIT Adpative Expertise Program to synergize with your goals and outcomes.

Talent Management Consultancy

Fluid Intelligence Profile:

It takes about 40 minutes and objectively measures the 10 dimensions of an executive’s Fluid Intelligence. The Test consists of pictures and diagrams only with no pre-learning required. It identifies the strengths and interference factors regarding an executive’s Adaptability (openness to change) and Cognitive Agilities (the speed and capability to readily change).

Talent Management Consultancy


The Fluid Intelligence Profile test results are used to develop the Fluid Intelligence Report of an executive’s inherent Adaptive Expertise. It provides a personalized ‘under the bonnet’ and objective insight into the executive’s inherent Adaptability to deal with new and novel situations, plus it provides a measure of their Cognitive Agilities efficiency.


A Summary Heatmap Report of all Talent Candidates can also be provided as a basis to rank the executive’s relative Potential to undertake larger and more complex roles. This can then be used as one of the inputs to selecting which executives are included on the organization’s Talent Program.


Talent Management Consultants


Based on the results from the Fluid Intelligence Report we tailor the Adaptive Expertise Program to develop and accelerate the High Potentials’ ability to be more flexible, innovative and strategic; whilst also developing their Thought Leadership capability and improving their Social Leadership skills. The Program takes approximately 2 to 3 months to undertake and can be delivered through a combination of face-to-face, video conferencing, one-to-one personal video conferencing, webinars, etc.

Talent Management Consultants


Our Adaptive Expertise Program embeds new brain habits and leadership behaviors which become ingrained in the executive’s day-to-day life. They ‘Think Differently’, ‘Act Differently (Repeatedly)’ and ‘Develop New Behavioral Brain Habits’ resulting in a transformational approach to managing Talent, behavioral change and developing Adaptive Expertise.

The Program results in:

  • improving the odds of correctly identifying High Potential candidates
  • enhancing the ROI on Talent Programs by overcoming the statistic of up to 30% of executives on Talent Programs shouldn’t be there, as they were incorrectly assessed as being of High Potential
  • improving your risk management by minimizing the chances of any High Potentials inadvertently slipping through the net when they are inaccurately assessed as being not of High Potential
  • ensuring your High Potentials are optimally equipped to handle the rapidly changing VUCA business environment by significantly enhancing their Adaptive Expertise
  • the return on your Talent Management Strategy is being optimized and High Potentials are promoted to higher, larger and/or more complex roles more quickly => a better ROI on your Talent Programs, achieved sooner. It also provides an additional objective perspective for input to the succession planning process.
enigmaFIT – Taking the Guesswork out of Talent Management Strategy

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