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Understanding Intelligence to develop your Brain Efficiency

But what is Executive Brain Efficiency? It’s a combination of ‘Routine Expertise – what you know’ and ‘Adaptive Expertise- how you adapt’. Most Executive’s rate high on ‘Routine Expertise’ but their ‘Adaptive Expertise’ is another matter altogether.

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Phillip Campbell discusses:

What is leadership?

“Today’s executives must be able to rapidly flex their brain muscle in a world of flux. It’s virtually impossible for leaders to get the same quick and efficient thinking they had in the past. Leaders don’t just need to keep up with the rapidly changing business environment; they need to get ahead of it. Only then can leaders and their organizations take full advantage of future opportunities, and effectively mitigate the risks.

Therefore, Leadership today needs 7 Strategies for Success to be truly Future Ready.

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Phillip Campbell CEO EnigmaFIT

Phillip Campbell CEO & Cognitive Scientist


There is only one method to increase both

the Potential and Performance of a leader.

At enigmaFIT, we make leaders
Future Ready by giving them the
Executive Brain Upgrade.
enigmaFIT increases an executive’s Fluid Intelligence Thinking [FIT] to produce:
  • improved effectiveness ->  quality of the executive’s work
  • upgraded efficiency -> increased thinking speed
  • enhanced brain energy efficiency -> leaders produce higher-quality outcomes,
    more quickly using considerably less energy.

 Get to know our TRACR Methodology

90% of Executives say they ‘don’t know how’ to improve their Adaptive Expertise.

But we do.

We use our patented TRACR methodology to bring about exponential changes in Potential and Performance in 90 days

enigmaFIT - Test your current executive team's potential

40 minute Non-Verbal, Objective Test creating a benchmark of 10 dimensions of Fluid Intelligence

enigmaFIT - Reports on your current executive team's potential

Individual Report or Group Heatmap highlighting strengths and derailers to identify critical areas for growth

enigmaFIT - Develop your current executive team's potential

Using the Report an individual or group tailored program to enhance Potential & overcome Derailers

enigmaFIT - Your executive team delivers results

Creating new subconscious brain habits => sustainable Leadership Adaptability/Agility changes

enigmaFIT - Reports on your current executive team's potential

FIT Retest Report shows graphically and in writing the seismic changes to a leaders ability and RIO on investment