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Brain Coaching

Rethink Leadership Development

enigmaFIT is a progressive global leadership development company, leveraging the principles of neuroscience to make the best leaders even, better.
Our programs develop our clients' Fluid Thinking capacity, which provides the Brain Balance needed to achieve subconscious success.




BRAIN HABITS - The Science of Subconscious Success

Brain Habits takes a revolutionary look at how the principles of neuroscience can radically reshape our understanding of how we think, learn and adapt. Using relatable stories, USA Today bestselling author Phillip John Campbell unpacks the enigma of the brain and all it can become.

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Check out our latest Podcast

Phillip was recently a guest on Susan Lindner's Innovation Storytellers podcast. 


About Us

Our Founder

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“My vision is to help all leaders unlock their full potential and performance.

By creating Brain Balance. This will allow them to exceed their own expectations

and excel in every area of professional endeavor.”

- Phillip Campbell

Phillip Campbell Cognitive Scientist, Founder & CEO of enigmaFIT

Phillip is a pioneer in the leadership development space. His work leverages the principles of neuroscience, bringing together Fluid Thinking and Crystallized Knowledge to offer clients the ultimate brain upgrade.

Phillip's research and understanding of neuroplasticity has enabled him to create a program that creates a balance between the left and right brain, supporting leaders to work smarter, instead of harder. 

The enigmaFIT program improves an individual's cognitive capacity to create the Brain Balance needed to enhance a leader's performance and productivity, whilst improving resilience and reducing stress levels.

Our Background

We are a leadership assessment and development company that uses neuroscience to exponentially improve leaders' adaptability, agility, performance, productivity, and potential. 

Leveraging off over 50 years of research, our program is based on Cattel-Horn-Carroll's theory on the structure of human cognitive abilities. 

We have a proven track record, working across the globe with Fortune 500 clients to develop Brain Balance which supports the best leaders to become even better. 

Our Perspective

Today's leaders need to optimize their ability to 'learn to learn' and 'apply the new learning' to new and complex business challenges.  In today's increasingly demanding business environment, understanding how to apply new knowledge is becoming more difficult. 

The solution to this challenge is to enhance the thinking skills of the right-hand side of the brain and develop Subconscious Thinking Habits that create the ability to leverage Fluid Thinking. This innovative thinking capacity provides brain balance which results in the optimized application of knowledge. 

Enhanced Fluid Thinking exponentially increases leaders' adaptability, flexibility, agility, and capacity to pivot in new, novel, and complex situations. 

Our Difference

We use an objective, nonverbal and quantifiable assessment to benchmark leaders' inherent Subconscious Thinking Habits. 

Our personalized Fluid Thinking Report identifies leaders' strengths and derailers. Then we create a tailored Fluid Thinking Program to develop their learning agility and enhance cognitive abilities. 

This results in optimized performance and productivity, as well as enhanced strategic thinking ability to better handle business challenges.

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