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Impact of Optimizing

Focused Thinking

  • Gaining an hour back each day

  • Increasing your revenue

  • Enhancing adaptability and agility

  • Increasing mental energy and capacity

  • Reducing stress levels

  • Controlling your attention

Phillip Campbell BCG interview on fluid intelligence
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How Fluid






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Fluid Thinking

Fluid Thinking and

Executive Brain Coaching

Fluid Thinking is what the brain uses when it faces a situation it has never faced before, ie. when you are in uncharted waters.


Fundamentally, it's what you use when you (and your brain) don't know what to do.


"The Human Brain is an information processing organ, not a machine."

Phillip Campbell, CEO enigmaFIT

Based on neuroscience and cognitive science our unique methodology focuses on 'the process of how you learn' and

'how you apply new learnings' which are underpinned by Fluid Thinking.

Learn more about Fluid Thinking and Leadership Agility in the Boston Consulting Group article.

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 Get to know our TRACR™ Methodology

90% of Executives say they ‘don’t know how’ to improve their Adaptability and  Agility.

But we do.

We use our Fluid Thinking patented TRACR™ methodology to bring about exponential leadership changes in Potential and Performance in 90 days

enigmaFIT - Test your current executive team's potential

40 minute Non-Verbal, Objective Test creating a benchmark of 10 dimensions of Fluid Thinking

enigmaFIT - Reports on your current executive team's potential

Individual Report or Group Heatmap highlighting strengths and derailers to identify critical areas for growth

enigmaFIT - Develop your current executive team's potential

Using the Report an individual or group tailored program to enhance Potential & overcome Derailers

enigmaFIT - Your executive team delivers results

Creating new subconscious brain habits => sustainable Leadership Adaptability/Agility changes

enigmaFIT - Reports on your current executive team's potential

 Retest Report shows graphically and in writing the seismic changes to a leaders ability and RIO on investment