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Our Fluid Thinking approach is based on over 70 years of research into human cognitive abilities.


We have unraveled the enigma of the executive brain and help leaders to harness their full potential and performance using their inherent Fluid Thinking.


It’s the only way to learn, adapt, and continue to succeed in coronavirus times and beyond, and a Digital/AI changing work environment.

We ensure you are future-ready to lead, every day.

Fluid Thinking Program Outcomes

  • Improve effectiveness ->quality of the leader's work

  • Upgrade efficiency -> increased thinking speed

  • Enhanced brain energy efficiency ->

    • leaders produce higher quality outcomes, more quickly using considerably less mental energy



Phillip Campbell

 Phillip Campbell Cognitive Scientist, Founder & CEO of enigmaFIT

Phillip Campbell CEO EnigmaFIT

Phillip Campbell Cognitive Scientist

For the last 25 years, Cognitive Scientist, CEO & Founder of enigmaFIT Phillip has dedicated his career to unlocking the power of the brain; to introduce quantifiable and measurable leadership improvements to some of the world’s top business leaders.

The human brain is an information processing organ, 'not a machine' -

so how will it cope with the increasing amount, speed, and complexity of information it will have to process as part of Covid-19 and the Digital/AI Tsumani?


With great difficultly. This is why our Leaders need a 'Brain Hardware Upgrade' now.

“My vision is to help leaders unlock their full potential and performance, to create brain balance that allows them to exceed their own expectations and excel in every area of professional performance.”

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What We Believe

The human brain hasn’t received an upgrade in 10,000 years.  

While digital disruption and information creation are increasing at a rate of billions of gigabytes every year, and only getting faster, the human brain is struggling to keep up. These struggles are compounded when coupled with Covid-19 and the rapidly accelerating VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) creating the perfect storm that wreaks havoc on the executive brain. How can leaders make quality decisions with information overload, less clarity on outcomes within unrealistic time frames, and still have the absolute confidence necessary to succeed? 

The answer is clear:
It’s time for an Executive Brain Hardware Upgrade

We believe that today’s executives must be able to rapidly flex their brain muscle in a world of flux. It’s virtually impossible for leaders to get the same quick and efficient thinking they had in the past. Leaders don’t just need to keep up with the rapidly changing business environment; they need to get ahead of it. Only then can leaders and their organizations take full advantage of future opportunities, and effectively mitigate the risks.