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Are you neurologically wired for Success?

It is estimated that US$50bn a year is spent by the World’s organization’s on leadership development. Yet, being able to accurately assess the ROI on this investment remains a challenge. As, quoted by Albert Einstein the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

So, it’s time for organizations to reconsider how and where they invest their coaching and L&D budgets and look to find more objective and measurable programs that can quantifiable and accurately report the ROI on their investment.

However, we all know that traditional training - subject matter expertise (knowledge transfer) is a fundamental investment all organizations must undertake. Yet, as today’s leaders progress through the organization / leadership ranks, the skills required have dramatically changed in order to deal with information overload, digital disruption and rapidly changing circumstances beyond a leader’s control.

Yet, what is the new paradigm that will develop a leader’s capabilities regarding Adaptability, Agility and being able to pivot quickly? This new paradigm of learning is to develop a leader’s Fluid Intelligence Thinking. ‘Fluid Intelligence’ - information processing which is a ‘raw intelligence’ that is NOT the result of learned knowledge and skills and is used to solve new/novel problems in ‘uncharted waters’ and rapidly and continuously changing business environments.

Current Executive Performance: The benchmark currently used for the identification and development of Executives is primarily based on their ‘Routine Expertise or Book Smarts’. This is underpinned by their ‘Crystallized Intelligence’ which is defined as the breadth and depth of a person’s acquired knowledge over a lifetime. (CHC Theory)

Future Executive Performance and Potential: ‘Fluid Intelligence’ Thinking is the Information Processing ability which is a ‘raw intelligence’. It is used to solve new/novel problems and is not the result of learned knowledge and skills. It is based on ‘Adaptive Expertise or Street Smarts’ which is underpinned by ‘Fluid Intelligence’. (CHC Theory)

So, relying on past experience and ‘business as usual’ solutions to stay ahead of the pack is no longer an option. Also, Fluid Intelligence declines in your mid-twenties unless you proactively develop it and the half-life of knowledge is rapidly decreasing. Therefore, as the speed of change quickens, a lot of what you have learnt is becoming redundant in a short space of time. Hence Learning Adaptability and Learning Agility have become critically

important to a leader’s success and being able to stay ahead of their competitors.

“The world is reshaping itself faster than we can reshape ourselves”. From the World Economic Forum, Davos 2017.

Today’s leaders need to re-shape themselves and their organizations and enhance their Adaptive Expertise (Adaptability, Agility and Flexibility) capabilities as this is fundamental to significantly move the dial on performance within their organizations and it is now urgent.

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