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How Lower Analytical Thinking Impacts Leadership Skills.

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Approximately 46% of Executives that we tested have Low to Moderate Analytical Thinking ability. As an Executive, lower Analytical Thinking capability impacts your ability to quickly and effectively define issues and problems and cut to the chase to find solutions.

Contemplate how these aspects of Low Analytical Thinking might affect your Leadership ability. Do you ever:

☐ Prefer not to analyze large amounts of detailed information, particularly when under time pressure

☐ Tend to take a long time to mull things over, before making decisions

☐ Have difficulty cutting to the chase in time pressure situations

☐ Tend to react at a ‘feeling level’ when handling conflict situations as it takes some time to fully analyze what’s going on

☐ Tend to procrastinate, as it takes some time to fully analyze a situation and determine just where to begin the task at hand

☐ Have to re-read documents before the main ideas become apparent (so can have a tendency to highlight a lot of a page because everything seems equally important)


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