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The Truth of You

Have you ever felt that there is another version of you out there waiting to be claimed?

And that by connecting with her you would have access to more clarity, confidence and a deep sense of purpose. Access to a life that better reflected the real you. If you could just step away from the habits, conditioning, roles and expectations of those around you and yourself.

The Truth of You offers an energy-psychology and spiritual approach to understanding energetic sensitivity and the people-pleasing tendencies which often accompany this. Learn about the origins of being an empath and the benefits and costs. Learn to set energetic and verbal boundaries and to clear unhelpful thought patterns and beliefs.


Thought-provoking, illuminating and packed with powerful practical and energy healing tools designed to help you re-think and reclaim your relationship with yourself and put your needs first without feeling guilty or selfish.


Start living a life beyond the person you became to survive your childhood. A life where you have balance, purpose, clarity and self-empowerment without the guilt. A life that reflects The Truth of You!

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