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BCG interview: "The Neuroscience of Adult Learning" - in BCG's Top 10 Videos/Articles for Q2

Companies and workers face disruption in traditional paths to learning, training, and reskilling. For executives and employees alike, the ability to engage in lifelong learning is fast becoming a critical component of preparedness in the digital age, according to research by the BCG Henderson Institute (BHI).

Phillip Campbell, cognitive scientist and CEO of enigmaFIT, works with major companies to enhance the adaptability and agility of senior executives. He achieves this through a program of repetitive exercises that are based on recent findings on neuroplasticity in adults and boost “Fluid Intelligence.” The increased effectiveness and efficiency of executives in a disruptive age isn’t the only benefit of this training, Campbell says. Executives also learn to become role models of “adaptive learning” for employees across the entire organization.

Recently, Campbell sat down with Andrew Dyer, a senior partner and managing director in the Sydney office of Boston Consulting Group and a leader of BCG’s client enablement initiative, to discuss these issues and BHI’s own findings. Edited excerpts of that conversation follow.

Courtesy: The Boston Consulting Group

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